IAQ Improvement Service

IAQ Improvement Service (Removal service of TVOC and HCHO), which is a professional one-stop solution of a rapid Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to either your new office or new home.By adapting our professional IAQ inspection and assessment with patent-pending IAQ improvement products, such as air purifier, spray liquid solution etc., the IAQ pollutant (VOC and HCHO etc.) from new furniture, decoration, painting, and other contaminated sources in your new office or home can be easily eliminated.

IAQ Improvement Service Flow:

BEFORE IAQ improvement Service: 

- Site Visit

- Cleaning (Done by Client or Contractor) 

- VOC and HCHO Evaluation

DURING IAQ improvement Service: 

- Air Oasis Air Purifier

- Spray the liquid solution/ Coating on

  furniture surface, such as, painting

  wall, wooden cabinet etc.

AFTER IAQ improvement Service: 

- VOC and HCHO Measurement

- No need to clean the furniture before using or


What we are using for IAQ improvement service?