Q: What is IAQ?

A: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health

    and comfort of building occupants.

Q: What are the common indoor air pollutants?

A: There are 7 common indoor air pollutants; 

  1. ​     Carbon monoxide (CO) 

  2. ​     Radon​

  3.      Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)

  4.      Secondhand smoke

  5.      Lead particles

  6.      Asbestos

  7.      Mold 

Q: How can we improve the IAQ in our home or office?

A:  ​There are 5 simple steps to Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) 

  1. Keep your floors fresh

  2. Keep a healthy level of humidity 

  3. Make your home a no-smoking zone

  4. Test for Radon

  5. Smell good naturally

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